About Us
YUZHPROMAVTOMATIKA is an integrator company that started its activity as a SIEMENS partner in the field of industrial automation. As we've grown, we became interested in the field of information technology, computer networks and security.

We passed most of the proposed solutions through ourselves. Having rich experience of past projects, we have come to understand the complexities existing in the market and the real needs of customers. Over time, we have built a portfolio of our own solutions to address these and future challenges.
Existing since 2003, we have done many projects in different industries:

  • bulk cargo transshipment complexes
  • storage-transshipment-warehouse systems of bulk cargoes
  • pharmacological enterprises
  • oil processing complexes
  • mining complexes
  • bottling shops
  • baling machines
  • winding/laying complexes
  • printing presses
  • woodworking and metalworking equipment
  • building and facility management
  • ventilation units
  • climate control
  • sewerage and water supply
  • industrial video surveillance
  • thermometry, etc.
  • crane industry
  • laundries and textile industry
  • sea vessels and fleet
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