We implement
Access Control Systems
based on
Face Recognition

Face recognition terminals

Value series
Cost-effective solution for medium and small businesses. Limitation on the number of face images stored in the library, but at the same time a full set of access control functions.
Pro and Ultra Series
Increased image library capacity and a full set of access control features. Large display and increased camera resolution.
Industrial and Enterpise solutions
Such systems represent a complete solution for providing access control. Easy to integrate with various types of turnstiles.
Access terminals are modern devices with many practical features, the key of which is accurate and error-free face recognition. Deep learning based software logic guarantees a high level of reliability and efficiency. Access control and attendance become simpler than ever before.

Face Recognition accuracy in any conditions

  • Accuracy
    Overall accuracy rate over 99%.
  • Speed
    Recognition time less than 0.2 s.
  • Working in low light
    Fast recognition even in low/insufficient light or in complete darkness.


  • Facial identity detection
    Using the built-in thermal imaging camera, as well as combining images in space to verify the authenticity of biometric data.
  • Face database encryption
    Storage of biometric data and accounts in encrypted form.

Ease of operation

  • 1
    Fast and easy authentication
    Unlock Ability:
    1) face
    2) card
    3) fingerprint
    4) password
  • 2
    Excellent expandability
    Connecting additional terminals, buttons and cameras into a single system.
  • 3
    Linkage of network video recorders, IP cameras and intercoms
    Usage of access terminal as an additional camera, door entry panel, etc.
  • 4
    Third party integrations
    Support for standardized communication protocols

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We implement a full-fledged access control and / or time tracking system:

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