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Juniper Networks designs and markets network infrastructure equipment used to deploy and manage services and applications over IP networks. Juniper's products include routers, switches, network traffic management software, VPNs and firewalls, data center hardware and WAN acceleration, and intrusion prevention systems.

Protect your network edge, data center, and cloud applications with secure, flexible, and resilient firewalls.
The most scalable, programmable and resilient routers in the industry. Unprecedented capacity, flexibility and stability with the continuous automation needed for the service-enabled networks that underpin today's hyperconnected world.
Optimize user and application interactions while improving network economy with Ethernet switching. Juniper switches build flexible, reliable, and scalable networks with AI-powered automation and analytics.
Juniper, like Cisco, HPE, and other vendors, can meet the basic networking needs of most enterprise customers and service providers.
In developing its products, Juniper focused on designing for high data throughput, first for ISP networks and then for enterprise customers. They use special chips called ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) specifically designed for fast data transfer rather than relying on generic chips and software.
Inside view (build quality)
The operating system used in Juniper routers, Junos OS is also thought out to the smallest detail. Based on FreeBSD, the main advantage of the Junos OS over the Linux-based Cisco OS is its simplicity, flexibility, and modularity.
Only some of Cisco's high-end routers run IOS RX, which has built-in modularity, while Junos OS was specifically designed to allow individual processes to act as individual modules. This means that when one process crashes, it doesn't bring the entire operating system (and the network!) to a halt.
As cloud computing and virtualization became mainstream in IT, the future of networking turned towards the renaissance of Software Defined Networks.

Following the virtualization craze, Juniper has begun to invest more resources in the virtualization of the network paradigm, using the OpenFlow protocol and native SDN technologies such as Contrail.

Key Benefits for Video Surveillance, Security and Control Solutions

  • Stability
    High fault tolerance ensures uninterrupted operation of IP cameras, recorders and other devices, which is critical for security and protection systems.
  • Speed
    There are no delays or disconnections, since the high network traffic generated by IP cameras (especially at maximum image quality) does not create problems - the equipment is guaranteed to cope with it. Juniper makes throughput a top priority.
  • Safety
    The high performance of the equipment makes it possible to process many firewall rules, allowing you to clearly delimit access and visibility of IP cameras, registrars, access control controllers, etc. for complex scenarios. The detailed documentation and strict configuration rules of the Junos OS reduce human error.

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