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Wireless burglar alarms are used to protect residential and work premises from unauthorized intrusion or emergencies (leakage, fire, short circuit). The system is favorably distinguished by a wide range of solutions, convenient operation, built-in video recording functions and high stability.

охранный комплекс внутри дома квартиры
Intrusion detection hardware
Motion sensor with camera (PIRCAM)
Battery operated, has a range of 12 meters. The coverage angle of the PIR sensor is 85.9°. Allows you to view "captured" images when alarms are triggered to verify the signal. Transmit images up to 800 meters using CAM-X wireless technology within 5 seconds. False alarm filter and immunity to pets weighing up to 30 kg. Battery life up to 6 years.
Motion sensor (PIR)
Wireless infrared sensor, fully programmable via a mobile application and equipped with Smart Environmental Control technology for intelligent site monitoring
Motion sensor (PIR + microwave)
The 24 GHz module built into the wireless IR and microwave sensor reduces installation time and is not subject to radio interference.
Narrow Angle Motion Sensor (PIR Curtain)
This sensor is able to recognize the movement of a person from the first step and ignore animals up to 30 kg. The detector operates at a frequency of 868 MHz, the transmission distance is up to 1600 m (in open space). Detected movement speed: 0.3 - 2 m/s, detection angle 6.3°.
Magnetic contact sensor
A wireless door sensor that notifies you of the first signs of entry into the room through a door or window. Built-in LED arming indicator.
Magnetic contact sensor (with vibration sensor)
The built-in vibration sensor can also analyze shocks while ignoring background vibrations.
Wireless relay
Allows you to connect any wired sensor or hardware to the security system. Smart Home.
модули расширения охранной системы

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