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Ruckus is one of the biggest names in wireless technology when it comes to communication and you need something reliable.
Ruckus has invented and patented wireless voice, video, and data technologies such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase client data rates, and avoid interference to deliver delay-sensitive 802.11 multimedia content and services.
Commscope Ruckus
Home and Small Office (SOHO)
Reliable solutions for small spaces and tasks.
Enterprise solutions
High performance equipment to handle many customers.
Industrial Solutions
For work in the conditions of the big hindrances and hostile environment.


Fault tolerance
Quality hardware and software ensure 24/7 uptime
Works at wireless speeds over 1 Gbps
Complete isolation and encryption of data transmitted by clients
Access points easily handle a large flow of people and data
Аналитика и реклама
Allows not only to transfer data, but also to earn money

Technologies and Solutions

The basis of excellence - unique advanced solutions
Ruckus' wireless solutions have developed several technologies that set them apart from the rest of the Wi-Fi industry. Some of these technologies:
Ruckus внутри
Ruckus Beamflex

BeamFlex - phased array antenna

Ordinary Wi-Fi points with antennas
- Requires constant adjustment of the power of the Wi-Fi point
- Reduced coverage radius
- Energy is wasted by radiation in all directions
- Connection management controller load
- Causes interference from neighboring access points
- Never perfect in dynamic environments
Ruckus Wi-Fi points with BeamFlex technology (PAR)
+ Automatically controls AP transmit power and channel assignments
+ Directs the signal around insurmountable obstacles
+ Automatically adjusts to the movement, additions and changes of clients
+ Automatically rejects interference
+ BeamFlex antenna transmits Wi-Fi signals to clients in narrow beams for better throughput
Ruckus SmartCast

SmartCast - smart traffic distribution

  • Per-user rate priorities and limits set per SSID
  • Precise bandwidth control (shaping)
  • Eliminates "slow" clients from slowing down others
  • Fair airtime among clients of different speeds
  • Includes 11n traffic aggregation and ACK blocking methods to increase throughput
  • Applying QoS policy at the SmartMesh layer
  • The only proven solution with the right performance for IPTV systems
  • Maximum Data Rates and Minimum Retransmissions
Principle of operation
Принцип работы Ruckus SmartCast
Ruckus SmartMesh

SmartMesh - productive and reliable mesh network

  • Eliminates the need for an Ethernet cable for each access point
  • Uses RF signal routing to determine the best paths to the client and between network nodes
  • The only anti-jamming mesh implementation
  • Uses high-gain, long-range smart antennas to minimize switching and improve performance
  • Deploys at half the speed and cost of conventional wireless LANs
  • Easy to set up and manage


Apartment buildings

Multi-unit dwelling (MDU) Wi-Fi solutions for apartments, dorms, retirement complexes and high-density locations.

Hospitality industry

Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) and hospitality networking solutions enable your hotel, casino or resort to improve guest experience, safety and efficiency.


Retail Wi-Fi solutions that connect customers, help promote your brand, and provide consumer insight.

Small and medium businesses

Powerful, simple and affordable Wi-Fi and switching solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

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